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Chief Executive Officer Update




Trevor Patti, Chief Executive Officer

October and November have been periods of significant change within St Paul’s and certainly a very busy month for the Aged Care Sector.

Below is a communication, issued on November 4th, from the Chair of the St Paul’s Board to Residents, families and friends of St Paul’s.                                

 Organizational Announcement.

 The Board of Directors has the responsibility to ensure that all operational and governance aspects of St Paul’s are functioning at a high level, delivering the right outcomes for our residents, families, the community and our staff.

 In recognizing the changing requirements and expectations of the Aged Care and Retirement Living sectors now and into the future, a comprehensive and thorough review of the organizational structure of St Paul’s Lutheran Homes has been undertaken by the Board of Directors.

 After thorough consideration I am pleased to announce the following changes to the Organizational structure of St Paul’s which became effective on the 31st of October 2019.

  •  Mel Pagliarulo has stepped down as Chief Executive Officer and Board Director and will move into the newly created and important role of Manager Residential Aged Care.
  • Trevor Patti will move into the role of Chief Executive Office and continue as an Executive Board Director.
  • Sophie Bretag, People and Culture Manager will expand her responsibilities, taking ownership of Hospitality Services
  • The duties of the Clinical Services Manager will be absorbed into the role of Manager Residential Aged Care.

The Board believes that these changes will position St Paul’s well to meet the challenges of the future and strengthen our ability to consistently deliver on our mission: “To improve the health and wellbeing of our older community through care, services and accommodation”.

 Your sincerely,

 Michael Gladigau            

Board Chairperson                           

I am honored to be entrusted with the role of Chief Executive Officer for St Paul’s and to be working side by side with a very talented and dedicated Senior Management and Operational Management Team.



Our Mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of our older community through quality care, services and accommodation.

The Countdown to Christmas is well and truly underway. This week, we commenced our Aged Care Resident Family and Friends Christmas lunches. St Paul’s Retirement Living Residents also enjoyed a Christmas lunch with the highest attendance we have seen in many years. We have been delighted to welcome and host many family and friends at St Paul’s to enjoy some Christmas spirit over a meal and a dash of wine.

We also enjoyed a Staff and Family Christmas Fun Day on the 1st of December. It was a great day particularly enjoyed by the many children who were there to take part in face painting, balloon art, the bouncy castle and of course plenty of Christmas treats. The highlight of course, was the arrival of Father Christmas (who may have been one of our delightful residents in Christmas disguise !!). To ‘round out’ the Christmas events, it was our pleasure to recently host a Christmas lunch for the fantastic group of volunteers who dedicate their time and effort to St Paul’s and our residents.

As we now get closer to Christmas, we will also see a few more events happening including visits from local Hills Schools performing Christmas carols… all in all, a busy Christmas month for St Paul’s.

On behalf of all staff and volunteers at St Paul’s, I wish all our residents, their families and friends, a wonderful and safe Christmas period.

Kind Regards and Merry Christmas,


 Our Mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of our older community through quality care, services and accommodation.



Welcome to 2020 with St Paul’s Lutheran Homes Hahndorf.

The St Paul’s community if off to busy and productive start to 2020, with many exciting activities and projects in the planning and/or delivery stage.

One of most significant projects underway has been the procurement process of a ‘best in class’ Call Bell / Nurse Call System which will replace an older system that has served us well for many years. The new system will greatly enhance our ability to respond to our residents when they require assistance and will strengthen our security and resident safety. The new system is expected to ‘go live’ during the second quarter of the calendar year.

Recently I launched the St Paul’s ‘‘Resident Representative” communication group. This will allow   St Paul’s to communicate directly with the family member, relative or friend, nominated by our residents, thus keeping them informed on important matters.

I am delighted to welcome some new staff to the St Paul’s team including Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses and Personal Carers. At the same time, we have celebrated 3 staff members reaching their 10 Years of Service milestone, which is a great achievement.

There continues to be a great deal of media coverage about the Aged Care Sector including the Royal Commission and more recently the financial viability and sustainability of the sector and providers. In a recent communication I sent to residents, staff and resident representatives, I highlighted the fact that financial pressure is a factor all Aged Care providers are grappling with and St Paul’s is not immune from that. Having said that, St Paul’s has been and remains in a sound and viable financial position largely due to the ongoing effort of our Management Team supported by our Board of Directors and the robust processes and governance we have in place. Our future is a bright and positive one and as a proud not-for-profit organisation, we remain focused on our residents and delivering to our Mission and Purpose which is to ‘improve the health and wellbeing of our older community through quality care, services and accommodation”




Trevor Patti

Chief Executive Officer

Welcome Marianne Brooke to the St Paul’s Team                   17 03 2020

I am delighted to announce that Marianne Brooke has been appointed to the important role of Residential Aged Care Manager with St Paul’s Lutheran Homes Hahndorf.

Marianne is energetic and passionate and has 25+ years’ experience in the health care sector including hospitals, community health and aged care.

Holding qualifications in Health Sciences, a Bachelor of Nursing and a Bachelor of Education, Marianne is exceptionally qualified and will be an asset to St Paul’s.

Marianne lives locally in the Adelaide Hills and her work experience in the health care sector is expansive. Including previous roles such as:-

  • Clinical Placement Educator for the Flinders University
  • Various Clinical Management roles and
  • Clinical Nurse Consultant positions.

Marianne has extensive knowledge and experience in the Aged Care Sector and is especially attuned to the Aged Care Quality and Safety standards which came into effect on July 1, 2019. She will lead, manage and work with an experienced, motivated and passionate team of Clinical, Registered and Enrolled Nurses as well as a dedicated team of Carers and Lifestyle staff.

As St Paul’s Residential Aged Care Manager, her responsibilities cover all aspects of St Paul’s Clinical, Care and Wellbeing with a prime focus on ensuring the best care for our residents and compliance with all legislative requirements.

I look forward to Marianne joining the team on Monday the 30th of March, 2020 ?.

The last several weeks have been some of the most challenging ever faced by the global community in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Managing and navigating through these difficult times has been the number one focus for the St Paul’s team.

There have been numerous communications with our Residents, Resident Representatives and Contacts and of course our tremendous St Paul’s team, aimed at keeping everyone informed, engaged and up-to-date.

Our theme, focus and aim has not changed since day one of the pandemic, being:-

  1. To protect the lives of our residents, who are amongst the most vulnerable ‘at risk’ group.
  2. To foster family, friends and resident connections that are essential to resident and family wellbeing and care.
  3. To protect the health of our staff and their families.

The positive collaboration between St Paul’s, our residents and our resident families and friends has been tremendous and a ‘shinning light’ during these difficult times.

Trevor Patti

CEO, St Paul’s

The St Paul’s team remain vigilant and compliant with all Federal and State Government Health requirements relative to COVID-19 and the Aged Care Quality standards.

Effective 27 08 2020, the SA Government requires all staff to wear a face mask when within 1.5 mtrs of a resident. At St Paul’s, we are taking this one step further. Effective 31 08 2020, any person onsite at St Paul’s (residents excluded), will be encouraged to wear a face mask.

We believe this is a responsible and prudent approach, aimed at:-

  1. Protecting the lives of our residents, and
  2. Protecting the health of our staff.

Wearing a face mask, coupled with robust hand hygiene and infection control, will assist us in keeping St Paul’s free of COVID-19.

I want to pass on my sincere thanks to the hard working, diligent team at St Paul’s along with acknowledging the tremendous support we continue to receive from our residents, families, friends and 3rd party providers.



The first three months of 2021 have been extremely busy yet rewarding.

St Paul’s has managed our way through the height of the CIVOD-19 risks, yet we remain extremely vigilant as the journey is not over just yet. In March, our residents who opted to receive the COVID-19 vaccination, will have completed their two vaccinations, adding yet another layer of protection.

The Aged Care Royal Commission has released its findings and recommendations. We now await the Governments response which is due by May 31st, 2021.

St Paul’s was recently audited as part of our Aged Care re-accreditation process, a very thorough and robust process, conducted by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission with full reaccreditation achieved.

The next major reform is SIRS (Serious Incident Reporting Scheme) which commenced April 1st, 2021 and replaces the Compulsory Reporting Process.

No doubt the future will hold many more changes for the Aged Care sector. At St Paul’s we embrace these changes which are all aimed at ensuring the greatest of care and lifestyle for the aged. At the same time, we remain hopeful that the Royal Commission recommendations regarding the urgent need for increased funding of Aged Care, will be supported by the Government. Funding our Aged Care system, in all its forms, is essential as the ageing Australian population grows.

We must ensure the best care for our aged.

Regards Trevor